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Please sign this petition demanding that the the employees on duty at McDonald's be held responsible in the beating of a trans woman.


Video of the incident can be viewed by clicking the link. It is one of the most disturbing videos I’ve ever seen.

Brief rundown of video: A trans woman is repeatedly kicked, slapped, punched, dragged along the floor by her hair, and suffers several blows to the head which result in her having a grand mal seizure. The entire time the incident is taking place, the staff are clearly heard on the video encouraging the woman’s attackers, laughing, joking and doing absolutely nothing to stop the attack.

Bashings and discriminatory treatment of trans people needs to STOP. Please show your support by taking a minute out of your time to sign the petition. The people involved in the attack need to be brought to justice for their heinous crime.

(via littlegaywitch)

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