Thursday, December 6, 2012
When a woman is denied the abortion she wants, she is statistically more likely to wind up unemployed, on public assistance, and below the poverty line. What happens to women denied abortions? This is the first scientific study to find out. (via brute-reason)
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@ Stop the Oklahoma Personhood Act March!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Pro-Life/Anti-Choice group Justice-For-All from Kansas came to our university this week to assault people with their horrid propaganda.  This is what they ran into from our side of the sidewalk.

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As a candidate, Obama said all the right things. As a president, his actions suggest that then-presidential contender and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was right—he will not fight for us.… The president has presided over the greatest erosion to women’s reproductive health and rights in the past 30 years, and a continuing degradation of our rights at the state level. Yet still he remains silent. Is Obama prochoice? Not by my definition. Jodi Jacobson of RH Reality Check